Enjoying our iconic wine, La Casa de la Seda, as our technical director Juan José Muñoz tells us about it

Disfrutando de nuestro vino icono, La Casa de la Seda, con lo que nos cuenta nuestro director técnico Juan José Muñoz
Juan José Muñoz: “La Casa de la Seda is a unique wine with its own personality”

Requena, 15 December 2020.- La Casa de la Seda was born in March 2017 and has become a benchmark wine, highly accepted by consumers and experts.

“When we decided to start this project, the most important part of the whole process was the choice of plot. This plot of Bobal grapes is almost a hundred years old and is located in Requena’s “midday” region, where the Denomination’s most typical Bobal wines are made, with a unique terroir and climate perfect for growing this variety. Following the harvest, we were as respectful as possible in the winery, with an elaboration process focused on varietal expressivity and ageing in large French oak foudres of 5,000 litres, and in clay jars.

This wine aligns with the principles of organic and biodynamic wine growing at all stages of its production and elaboration. It is a means of cultivation sustainable over time.

It is of utmost importance that we leave to our descendants a world for them to live in which is as good or better than the one our ancestors left to us. At the same time, consumers are seeking unique wines. This way of cultivating lets us create exclusive wines that are completely different to all others, and in particular are different to wines produced using conventional agriculture. All this makes it a unique wine, completely different from the rest, with its own character.

For DO Utiel-Requena, La Casa de la Seda has become a shining example of the excellent wines produced in the region, and of the importance of choice of plot. Moreover, it shows how important it is not only to champion a variety like Bobal, but also that each winery should focus on making unique wines with great varietal expressivity.

This wine is sure to cause a stir. It is true pleasure for the senses.

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