GRACIAS, Murviedro’s solidarity wines for NO FAMILIES WITHOUT FOOD

GRACIAS, los vinos solidarios de Murviedro para que no haya NINGUNA FAMILIA SIN ALIMENTOS
Murviedro says THANK YOU to everyone for their effort in the fight against COVID-19, and collaborates with FESBAL for NO FAMILIES WITHOUT FOOD

Requena, 10 June 2020.- Murviedro has created the GRACIAS (THANK YOU) wines to appreciate the healthcare staff, scientists, old people’s home staff, members of the armed and police forces of the state, and everyone in the country who has endured the effort to fight the spread of COVID-19 during the months of confinement.

With the NO FAMILIES WITHOUT FOOD campaign, the Requena winery starts collaboration between Murviedro, the Spanish Federation of Foodbanks (FESBAL) and consumers, to provide €1 for each bottle of wine, which will go directly to help the most vulnerable households, through the Foodbanks network.

The unexpected, extraordinary situation we are experiencing and which threatens each and every one of us, makes these times harder for different people to varying degrees. It is in times like these that the best in us all comes to light. At Murviedro, we want to show solidarity and say THANK YOU to all those who have risked their lives for the common good, and help those in greatest need so that there are NO FAMILIES WITHOUT FOOD.

That is why Murviedro has created two wines called GRACIAS (THANK YOU) to send €1 to FESBAL for each bottle for distribution all around Spain from the Foodbanks.

GRACIAS, two very special Murviedro wines

Bodegas Murviedro has selected two of its most select wines for this solidarity campaign. These wines can be found in restaurants, although they will also be available in wine bars and specialist shops. These are a 2016 Reserva Red, mature and amiable, and a white wine from the last harvest of 2019 elaborated with the elegant variety Sauvignon Blanc. Both are from DO Valencia.

GRACIAS Red is a Reserva wine from 2016 elaborated with a careful assemblage of Tempranillo, Monastrell and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a lovely ruby colour with russet highlights. With elegant aromas of fruit compote over balsamic notes (vanilla, tobacco leaf, cocoa). On the palate it is broad, rounded, creamy and very long.

GRACIAS Blanco 2019 is made with Sauvignon Blanc. It is a pale yellow colour with green highlights. Intense aroma reminiscent of tropical fruit. Elegant and delicate, fresh and light, it is ideal as an apéritif or to accompany tapas, fish, seafood and rice dishes.

With this campaign, Bodegas Murviedro keeps its commitment to solidarity, aware as it is of the vulnerability of some families in the current situation. So that there are NO FAMILIES WITHOUT FOOD, simply, THANK YOU.

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