La Bodega Histórica de Murviedro incrementa sus reservas de visitas
Murviedro boosts visits to the medieval quarter of Requena, offering a cultural opportunity unique in the region that combines history with passion for the world of wine

Requena, 1 October , 2021.- Bookings at Murviedro, the Valencian winery of Swiss origin with its winemaking headquarters in Requena are going up, with tours already being arranged for 2022 and Premium visits the preferred option.

The winemaking firm is delighted with the success of the tours of its historic winery, renovated several years ago and reopened to mark its 90th anniversary in 2017.

Most people find out about the tours and book them on the internet, but it is also gratifying when visitors say they have come because they already knew some of Murviedro’s wines or because the winery has been recommended by a family member or friend who has already been on a tour.

The Murviedro Historic Winery of Murviedro: a cultural visit not to be missed

The Murviedro Historic Winery stands in Plaza de Albornoz – a house-museum with a fascinating secret in its basement. Under its foundations is a network of galleries which, over the years, have been used as a shelter and for storing food and water, as well as for producing the wines that have made the region famous since the 6th century BC.

In this underground treasure where time has stood still, you can breathe in the stillness and the constant temperature in which the wine was kept in big vats holding almost 186 arrobas (3,000 litres).

The upper floors of the building, where silk used to be woven on looms, illustrate the history of La Villa and its relationship with the vinegrowing and winemaking. During the 17th century this was one of the centres of the Spanish Silk Road, as Requena became the fourth largest silk producing town in the country.

Travellers who know La Villa return to it whenever they can for the feeling of being in the narrow streets connecting its sunny squares flanked by mansions with thick walls, for its charming hotels, and for the seductive attraction of the cuisine served in the local restaurants.

La Casa de la Seda

On the ground floor of the Murviedro Historic Winery is where La Casa de la Seda, Bodegas Murviedro’s flagship wine, is aged. The wine is special because it is made of grapes from century-old vines on El Ardal estate. Murviedro acquired this venerable Bobal vineyard in 2015, when it was about to be grubbed up because of low production. The Valencian winery rescued these old vines precisely because of the excellent quality offered by their average yield of barely 1.5 kilos of grapes per plant, worked with organic and biodynamic viticulture practices. They use these grapes to produce a limited-edition, old-fashioned artisanal red wine – a wine made by hand.

Visiting times:

Sunday to Wednesday: 10am-2pm

Thursday to Saturday: 10am-1pm and 4-6pm

Murviedro – Historic Winery: 962 955 998


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