Two Double Golds at Gilbert & Gaillard, and Gold for another 12 wines

La Casa de la Seda consolidates its upward trajectory in France, together with Malvasía Cañada La Torre, as both win Double Gold at Gilbert & Gaillard, while another 12 Murviedro wines take Gold

Murviedro takes two Double Golds at the Gilbert & Gaillard – some magnificent scores to start the year with two of the most charismatic labels from the Valencian winery: the Bobal made from hundred-year-old vines La Casa de la Seda 2021, and the single-vineyard wine Cañada La Torre 2021 made with Malvasia.

The fifth vintage of La Casa de la Seda triumphs at Gilbert & Gaillard with Double Gold and 90 Points

La Casa de La Seda (DOP Utiel-Requena) is Murviedro’s ultimate flagship wine, competing in the international top division and always featuring on the podium in the top awards ceremonies and guides ever since it was released five vintages ago. Now, the first tasting session of the Gilbert & Gaillard competition has seen it take Double Gold with 90 points.

The wine is made with Bobal grapes from the hundred-year-old vineyard at the El Ardal estate – a piece of true wine-making heritage that Murviedro saved from being ripped up. Here, the vines barely give a kilo of fruit each, in small, highly concentrated bunches.

That’s why La Casa de la Seda has outstanding aromas of wild berries and blue flowers, with balsamic and gentle toasted notes. Featuring magnificent acidity on the palate, it fills the mouth pleasantly with a great fresh, fruity sensation.

The wine has been aged in almost equal parts in a French oak foudre, a 37-arroba clay jar and in an ovoid concrete tank in the Historic Winery Murviedro has in the old town of Requena, known as La Villa. This is the place where the valuable silk fabrics that made La Villa famous were once made and these provide the inspiration for the wine’s elegant label.

Cañada la Torre 2021, Double Gold and 91 Points for a Malvasía made from grapes grown at 1,090 metres above sea level

Cañada La Torre (DOP Valencia) is the other great Murviedro wine that has achieved the highest distinctions in this contest, awarded 91 points by the judges. Cañada La Torre is a white wine made with grapes of the legendary Malvasía variety from a single plot of just two hectares grown in a mountain setting, among fields of almond trees and holm oak forests. The secrets of Cañada La Torre Malvasía 2021 are none other than the origin of the grapes: their terroir, the natural soil of sand and silt, their biological cultivation and their altitude of 1,090 metres in the province of Valencia, which makes them ripen slowly, in a balanced way.

Fermentation takes place with natural yeasts and the wine rests on its fine lees, spending four months in a French oak foudre before bottling. The result is a very distinctive, complex wine, with aromas reminiscent of a variety of ripe fruits and nuances of flowers and nuts. It is tasty, unctuous and fresh, with a long finish on the palate.

Two Double Golds and 12 Golds

These two magnificent awards are accompanied prized Golds for another 12 Murviedro wines. These were: Murviedro Cepas Viejas Bobal 2019, Sericis Cepas Viejas Bobal 2019, Sericis Cepas Viejas Monastrell 2018, Galeam Dry Muscat Organic Wine 2022, Galeam Monastrell Organic Wine 2021, Murviedro Sparkling Blanco, Murviedro Sparkling Rosé, Murviedro Arts de Luna Organic Brut, Murviedro Arts de Luna Organic Brut Nature, Murviedro Arts de Luna Organic Brut Rosé, Estrella de Murviedro Frizzante Moscato and Estrella de Murviedro Frizzante Rosé.

The Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge, based in France, is one of the biggest and most prestigious contests in the world. Today, the multimedia group, founded by Philippe Gaillard and François Gilbert in 1989, includes a publishing house with a magazine, a leading international wine guide which can be found in nine languages, and the organisation of these prestigious awards.

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