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Denominación de Origen Cava (Requena). Continental climate with Mediterranean influences. Large day and night temperature variations. Average annual temperature 13ºC. Chalky-clay soils.

Grape Varieties



This cava is made from a selection of ripe Macabeo and Chardonnay grapes from rainfed vineyards, in order to get the maximum fruit expression. Maceration takes part for 11 hours at 10°C to remove mature flavors. The first and second fermentation (bottle) at low temperature (16ºC) seeking for the aromas of ripe fruit typical of this cava.

Serving Suggestions

Ideal to accompany starters and desserts, perfect balance between sour and sweet notes. Its integrated bubble leaves the palate clean and fresh. Serve cold between 4 and 5ºC.

Thin mousse of fine well integrated bubbles. Bright, pale yellow. White fruit character with floral notes. Long, sweet and complex.

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