The families


In Utiel-Requena, the sound of silk looms and the aroma of vineyards still linger, evoking the tradition that gave birth to La Casa de la Seda. Bobal Originally from Utiel-Requena, Bobal covers 75% of the total land corresponding to the Denominación de Origen Protegida (Protected Designation of Origin).


‘Sericis’ means ‘silky’ in Latin. This wine’s name and smooth mouthfeel pay tribute to Requena’s silk trade and Casa de la Seda guild house. It is made using Bobal grapes and is aged for at least 8 months in French oak casks.


Courage, “Audentia” in Latin, would define Valencia inhabitants during the Reconquista historical period. In Murviedro we honour their memories with these wines, distinguished by their structure and character.


Our people and our land has been forged by our many historical combats. “Pugnus”, Latin for Fight, is a tribute to man’s efforts to create great wines.


“Galeam”, Latin for Hull, is a symbol of the shelter for people against adversities. It preserves the land and its traditions to pass them on to future generations. It preserves its wine making land to reach plenitude in its wines.


Exclusively elaborated with varieties from the vineyards in the ‘Medio Día’ fields, where the scarce organic matter in the soil and the long sunny hours result in a petite production per vine stock, of extremely high quality tough. Under the right conditions it is a wine that should evolve remarkably during the coming years.


This is a clear example of the wine making region that we represent, both for its varieties and for its Denominación de Origen (Designation of Origin). It fills our portfolio with a range of wines that are perfectly adapted to the needs and trends of each market.

Enjoying life, friends, food, passionate nights … it is part of our way of being and feeling. This passion is transmitted in each glass of our range of wines Luna de Murviedro.

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