The families


Bobal, austere and strong, is the local variety of Utiel Requena, a land with more than 2,500 years of wine culture. Bobal red wines are peculiar for its strong structure and volume. These are wines with personality that identify the D.O.P. Utiel-Requena.


Murviedro” gets its name from the old walls surrounding the city, which in Latin were called “Muri Veteres”.  These walls bear witness to the wanderings of an ancient spirit which, even today, is to be seen in the caves and the cellars of the city, watching over our Crianza/Reserva wines as they slowly age and develop.


DNA Murviedro, this elegant and eye catching range, symbolises the essence of a wine whose origin is the intrinsic cultural fusion of the people and land of Spain. The essence od Spanish wines, a modern tribute to the Spanish heritage.


In the mediterranean culture those who are said to have a ‘lucky star’ are different, special, they have something unique.  It is not something planned it just simply is.  Just like the wine Estrella ‘Star’ de Murviedro, passionate, full of vitality, informal and above all mediterranean.  And you, do you have a lucky star?

los monteros

According to the legend, Los Monteros were knights who protected and accompanied the king during his hunting expeditions. An insignia made of natural cork was sewn on the chest of their uniform, standing for loyaltiy and bravery.

Enjoying life, friends, food, passionate nights … it is part of our way of being and feeling. This passion is transmitted in each glass of our range of wines Luna de Murviedro.

Sangria Borriquito a brand with over 40 years of history.  And fashion trends always come back. With a modern, fresh and young image Murviedro launches a light, new and refreshing Sangria Borriquito.

vega libre

Bodegas Murviedro produces wines that meet the expectations of a modern consumer; Original and authentinc wine brands that stand out for their exceptional value.