Borriquito Sangría


Production Area: Southeastern coast of Spain. Continental climate with influence of the Mediterranean Sea. Large day and night temperature variations. Average annual temperature 13ºC. Chalky-clay soils.

Winemaking: Selection of wines obtained by traditional vinification followed by the addition of natural aromas and sugar.

Serving Suggestions: Ideal as refreshment adding fresh fruit bits and ice-cubes, and as an accompaniment to rice dishes such as paella, etc. Serve between 3 and 6ºC.

Tasting Note
Colour Deep ruby red colour.
Aroma Fruity with orange and lemon notes.
Taste Sweet, spicy and rich with orange and lemon flavours. Good structure and a lasting finish.
Grape Variety Various red varieties
Alcohol Content 6% vol.
Available in 75 cl.

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