Harvest report 2017

Harvest report 2017

Valencia, 10 November 2017,- lt is becoming evident that the 2017 grape harvest has been one of the best in terms of quality in recent years. We have resisted really hard, cold, and very rainy, winter months. This has allowed our vines to “clean themselves” from cryptogamic diseases thanks to the low temperatures, and the vines have been able to take advantage of a fundamental supply of humidity in the soil for their development over the long, hot and dry summer days. The summer has been one of the driest in history. This has provoked the so highly sought-after water “stress” in our vines, giving low yields and the resultant high quality of the grapes. However, the water reserves in the soil have ensured that the plants’ metabolism has not stopped, providing optimum development and subsequent ripening of the bunches. On the other hand, these conditions have caused a reduction in production of around 20-30%. We will have the official data as of the 1 O December, which is when the Spanish wineries make their “declaration of production” to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Wine prices, especially for cask wine, have skyrocketed in all source markets. Average in-winery increases for the Spanish regions of highest production are 70% for reds and 108% for white wines, according to data processed by sorne of the most important wineries of the region as of today.

According to this data, a sharp increase in prices is expected for bottled wines. In the case of higher quality wine, especially wine from the denominations of origin that have suffered most from the frosts, grape prices reached two euros per kilogram in regions such as Bierzo and rose to well above two euros in other areas such as Rioja and Ribera del Duero, doubling in value.

Sharp fall in production

According to provisional data for the wine harvest, Spanish wine production is estimated at between 35 and 36 million hectolitres, compared with the 44 million finally determined by the Administration last harvest. The decrease has not reached 20% in the large production regions, while this fall has been particularly serious in denominations of origin such as Ribera del Duero, with a loss of two thirds of their harvest; and 50% in other regions such as Bierzo, Rioja and Rueda.

About Murviedro

Murviedro, well known internationally in the wine industry, this year celebrates its 90th anniversary. The quality of the wines from Murviedro has resulted in the winery being ranked among the top 15 Spanish wineries in the world rankings of the World Association, Wines & Spirits, Writers and Journalists (WAWWJ), occupying 11th place as a result of the medals and awards won by their wines in the main international wine competitions.  90% of their wines are exported, their key markets being the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia and Japan. The winery also continues to pursue its objective to increase its presence in the national market.

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