Baco de Oro for Murviedro Colección Petit Verdot

Baco de Oro for Murviedro Colección Petit Verdot

Murviedro Colección Petit Verdot seduces the judges at the Unión Española de Catadores and receives a Baco de Oro.

Murviedro Colección Petit Verdot 2015 a single varietal Petit Verdot made to suit the tastes and requirements of the restaurant sector, has conquered the critics winning another award for the winery, a Baco de Oro at the XXX Cata-Concurso Nacional de Vinos Jóvenes de la Unión Española de Catadores.

This red, from the DOP Valencia, has an intense colour with granite tinges, and pronounced aromas of red fruits and balsamic notes, just like a good Petit Verdot, with good body and fresh acidity. Ideal to accompany game, rice dishes and cheeses.

This is an elegant varietal that originates from Bordeaux, which has acclimatised very well in certain warm regions in our country, where it is able to develop all of its potential, given the long hours of sunshine it needs to ripen. Wine made from Petit Verde has complex flavours, including coconut, sweet wood and vanilla among others.

The Baco awards are from the only competition in Spain exclusively for wine made in the latest vintage, 2015, without any restriction on type of wine (whites, roses, reds and sweet wines) nor origen (Denominaciones de Origin, Vinos de la Tierra, Vinos de Pago, Vinos de Mesa). A total of 50 judges, all of them members of the UEC are responsible to evaluate, through strict blind tastings, all the wines that are submitted.

A group of profesionales made up of sommeliers, winemakers and directors of the leading specialist national publications, guarantee the prestige and independence of the Premios Baco, which awarded Murviedro Colección Petit Verdot 2015 a Baco de Oro.